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Business Name Generator is a simple tool for that may help you in finding business/product names for your next project/website. If all the domain extensions (.com, .net, .co, .me) are available then always stick to .com unless you've special reason for not doing so. If you can't find .com then .net is second best choice. .co and .me are relatively new but still a good choice though. Having a good domain name is essential for good online presence, if you're not sure then please check out some suggestions below.

How to find a good business/domain name ?

  • Short (obvious exception : if it's rhythmic, which makes it more catchy and easy to remember)
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Do not contained any misspelled words
  • Avoid using domain hacks in general, it may be fun for side projects etc but it's not recommended for a business
  • Use prefixes/suffixes (we also suggest some but the only limit is your imagination)
  • Favor brandable domain as compared to keyword based, not applicable in all cases though.
  • Go for .me, .co, .io etc if the popular standard domains (.com, .net etc) are already taken.

Have an idea to improve this site ?
It's the initial version (v 1.0) of what I've in my mind. I'm working on adding more features to make it more useful, in the meantime, any suggestions or ideas are fairly welcome. (Contact link in footer/below)